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Quick Start 01

8 page web-site p14:

Editing and adding content to pages

66) . . . than save the page . . .



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67) . . . again the preview window opens, generating a preview . . .



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68) . . . and after the page has saved again (as indicated by the updated time shown in the editor), the page can be closed.



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69) As you can see here, the page has been saved, complete with the image that was put in the page.



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70) After carrying out the same process with the other pages, the pages need to be joined to the site.

At the moment, the pages are rather like loose leaves of paper, they have information on them, but they are not in any order, nor are they (yet) usable.

We shall now rectify this . . . click on the "Navigation" link as shown here . . .



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Continued . . .


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