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Microsoft® Windows XP Download and Installation 4

The system should be restarted as illustrated here:


After the restart you will be able to launch the DutyCew software suite:


Which will launch the controller (and a matching Security warning!):
Note: all installers since build 227 have been digitally signed and identify DutyCrew Ltd as the Software publisher.
If you have an installer variant later than this and it has NOT got a valid signature, DO NOT install it, it will not be genuine.


You should unblock the software
(it is not going to damage your system as long as you downloaded it from the DutyCrew website):
Other sources of software should only be used if the source is know (and trusted 100%) by you.


Now you can click the login button and commence the registration and initialization of your DutyCrew Installation:


It will launch your default browser (Safari3 Beta not supported):
It will require that you enter your (real) email address, which will be used to communicate with you after registration.
The text in the window explains why.


After pressing the "Enter Information" button, your email address is encrypted and stored (locally) by your system:


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