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Introduction to Editing and Controlling

The Editing and Controlling sections of the documentation operate in exactly the same manner on all platforms and browsers.

  • Editing is where changes are made to the content, style and where new items are created (like Sites, pages and Styles).

  • Controlling is where changes are made to the way the pages and menus are arranged (like page order, menu order, menu names and site upload passwords etc).

  • Screenshots are shown of the processes involved and should only be taken as guidance.

  • The whole process is quite organic, so adjustment of pages, images, menu and category names is easy and simple.

  • Where images are shown, clicking upon the image will usually link to a 75% size image of the screenshot, the same as the 'Larger Image' link beneath it.
    For those who need full size images, there is also a link to the full size version beneath the image.
  • These guides will be expanded regularly.


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